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Meline Toumani

Meline Toumani joined Accord in 2015 as a low alto. Her training began in childhood with the study of classical and jazz piano and trombone. During her school years she performed in several choirs, jazz bands, and a marching band that traveled the world. As an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley, she was the musical director of the California Golden Overtones, the premier women's a cappella group on campus, and a prolific arranger for the group. Later she joined Solstice, a Bay Area-based ensemble of eight voices singing classical and international folk music. In New York she sang with Melodia Women's Choir for four years before joining Accord. Meline is a writer by trade. She holds a master's degree in cultural reporting and criticism from NYU and has written about classical music for The New York Times. She also teaches writing as part of the core faculty of the creative nonfiction MFA program at Goucher College. 

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