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A little about us...

In 2009, Accord Treble Choir was founded by Akiko Fuchisawa and Liz Geisewite with the intention of building a musical ensemble based on cooperation, caring, and a shared love for choral music written specifically for treble voices. Selecting repertoire that ranges from medieval chant to contemporary pop songs, Accord seeks to bring music that is lesser known and underperformed to a wider audience. Originally leaning heavily on the 20th century Hungarian "equal voice" choral tradition (with composers such as Kodály, Bartok, Bárdos, and Koscár), Accord has dramatically expanded its repertoire over the past decade and has premiered multiple original works by current composers.


Members of Accord challenge each other to grow musically, aurally, and vocally by fearlessly embracing challenging music in a variety of languages and styles from around the world. The ensemble strives to be non-hierarchical, working collaboratively to interpret and prepare pieces in the spirit of consensus. To this end, members are equally valued as leaders and contributors in the music making process. 


Since 2011, Accord has been an Ensemble in Residence at St. Ignatius of Antioch Church in Manhattan. In 2012 and 2020, Accord was selected to perform at the Eastern Division Conference of the American Choral Directors Association in Providence, RI and Rochester, NY, respectively. In honor of their tenth anniversary season, Accord recorded its first professional album, Celestial & Terrestrial, in 2018. 

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